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1941-1966 Dual Master Cylinder Replacement Kit CJ Models

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Master cylinder conversion kit that is used on CJ models with drum brake. Note Modification is required and should installed by a professional. 1 Required.

Part Number: 805223CJDUAL
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This is a conversion kit to replace the single pump master cylinder to a dual master cylinder setup. The kit includes the master cylinder and two brackets to mount the kit. The dual master cylinder kit is designed to replace the old one and use the original brake arm and a little modification of the push rod. This kit is for drum brakes (A kit for disk brakes is available upon request and cost a little more.)

Note: This kit required some cutting and welding of the inside frame gusset to install. And the kit requires making and rerouting of the original brake lines to accept the new master cylinder. This kit is recommended for modified Jeeps and should not be tackled by the novice. If you are not sure seek a professional to install the kit. Not recommended if you are restoring the Jeep to original due to devaluing it.

1 Kit Required per Jeep.

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