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Bushing Front Outer Axle Tube Bendix Joints Only

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Outer Axle Tube Bushing Bendix Axle Joints. 2 Required per Jeep
Part Number: A-6362
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This is the front axle tube bushing that is pressed in the axle tube that is used with Bendix U joints. The bushing is made of brass and is only used with the U joint with the 5 balls. If a Spicer or Rezeppa joint is used this bushing is removed.

Note: Always check to see if the end of the axle tube is machined for this bushing. On later year Bendix and when the Rezeppa joints were introduced it seemed like the bushing was eliminated and the flanged spindle bushing was used. Some only have the flat thrust washer and the flanged spindle bushing.

2 Required per Jeep.

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