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Fuel Pump Bowl Gasket Fits Most AC Pumps

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Fuel bowl or cover gasket for most AC fuel pumps OD= 2 1/4" ,ID=1 13/16" by 1/8" thick. 

Part Number: 120594
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This is a fuel bowl gasket that fits many AC fuel pumps and are listed at the end of this description. If you do not see your pump this gasket Outer Diameter = 2 1/4" and the Inside Diameter = 1 13/16".

These gaskets are made of cork and are 1/8" thick. Always measure your old one before ordering. 

Fits AC Fuel Pumps:

572, 4318, 4080, 4032, 4693, 9306, 7409 and many more!

1 Required per Jeep.

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