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New Bare Engine Block L Head 134 4 Cylinder Gear To Gear Style

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New engine block that uses the gear to gear timing with hardened valve seats and valve guided installed. Free Shipping!!

Part Number: 641087
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Having trouble finding a good engine block for your L head engine and tired of searching through old engines just to find that they are cracked or wore out beyond repairing? We've got you covered with a new engine block for the L head 134 with the gear to gear style timing!

These engine blocks are new castings and are made to original specs. Included is the engine block with three main bearing caps, valve guides, freeze plugs and oil galley pipe plugs installed. These engine blocks also have hardened valve seats installed in them to prevent burnt valves.


Cylinder Bore: 3.1255" +/- .0005"

Valve Guide Bore Diameter (In & Ex): .374" +/- .0005"

Valve Seat Surface Width: .09375" to .125" +/- .0005"

Tappet Bore Diameter: .626" +/- .0005"

Each block comes with its own serial number and a one year warranty. This is a great way to get around wore out and cracked blocks and will save you the machine work such as boring the cylinders, installing valve seats and installing valve guides. Each block must be washed before use paying special attention to the oil galleys and drilled areas.

Free Shipping To The Lower 48 States!!!!!!

Note: This block will not work with the timing chain set up used on MB and early CJ2A models.

1 Required per Jeep.

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