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Right Back Fender Panel 1955-1971 CJ5, CJ6

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Stamped lower passenger lower fender section for 1955-1971 CJ5 and CJ6 models. 1 Required. 

Part Number: 688234B
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This is the back section of the pasenger side fender for 1955-1971 CJ5 and CJ6 models. The fender panel is the lower part that seams half way up the fender and bolts to the body. This panel has the 1 5/8" wide raised bead at the opening for the wheel and has the area bent where it bolts to the body. Three open holes are to go through this panel and thread into the body and the bottom hole is threaded to go though the body into the fender. 

These are really nice panels that have never been available besides purchasing a whole fender. Now getting an old fender back into tip top shape is easier!

Note: These panels do not fit later 1972-1986 models. They are longer then these.

1 Required per Jeep.

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