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Switch Dash Light CJ2A 1945 - Mid Year 1947

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Dash light switch for 1945-1947 CJ2A models with the under dash light switch. 1 Required.
Part Number: 635737
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This is the dash light switch that bolts underneath the dash to turn on and off the dash lights on CJ2A models up to serial number 116421. The switch is bolted on the far left side of the dash lip with the switch facing towards the floor. The screw spacing is 1 1/8" and is very close to the original switch. This is a must have for a proper restoration of a part that is typically missing.

Note: If you are buying a wiring harness from us the standard one bypasses this switch. If you didn't buy the harness already we can have it properly wired for the switch and is only done upon request. Please call when you need this done for the switch. Thank You.

1 Required per Jeep.

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