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We occasionally obtain used Jeeps  with usable parts.  The parts you see on this page can be purchased. If you see something you would like  to purchase, please give us a call at

 (610) 852-3110

Product #1086

AMC 304 CI V8 & 6 Cylinder 

Reconditioned Heads 
Reconditioned heads for 304 V8 and 6 cylinder engines. Get them while they last


Product #1114

GPW Head Cleaned & Checked 1941-1945    Properly marked GPW head with "F" stamp. 


Product #1130

Drivers Side Front Fender Fiberglass J Series

Aftermarket fiberglass drivers side fender for J Series Trucks


Product #1093

AMC 304 V8

Set of standard New Old Stock pistons rods and rings for a 304 V8


Product #1128

Used Front Bumper 
Used front bumper for J Series & Wagoneer models.


Product #1124

3-piece Used 3Accelerator Linkage 6-226 Engines With YF Carburetor Pick Up Truck, Station Wagon, Sedan Delivery


Product #1133

Damaged FC 170 Frame Skirt Set


Product #1109

Used Steering Arm FC150

Used steering arm in good condition for FC 150 models. 1 Required per Jeep!


Product #1129

                  Rear Bumper Painted Wagoneer                        Painted rear bumper for 1963-1978 Wagoneers


Product #1125

                 Used Hood Prop Rod With Storage Clip 1946-1949 Truck, Wagon, Jeepster
40's hood prop rod for Utility and Jeepster models with storage clip. 1 Required